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Here you can purchase ranks, items, and perks to help you achieve your goals on The Warpath. Purchase rewards help you build faster, get more perks, rankup faster, and explore the unknown on our server! From having amazing kits to being able to fly, the possibilities are endless from donating to The Warpath.


We recommend you ensure yourself that are you have become familiar with our terms and conditions on the checkout page before you purchase.


Donation Store - ToS

This store allows you to donate to the server. Agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you explicitly agree that all payments are classed as donations. All items in our store are virtual perks and items for the player's benefit in game. For donating different amounts of money, you can receive different perks. Before donating you agree that you are the account holder and you are over 18 - If you are under 18, please obtain Parental Consent before donating for any of our services. We have the right to change our donation store packages and perks included at any moment. Upon checkout you must agree to our Terms and Conditions/Service. We have the right to change our ToS at any moment.


Note to Parents: We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet is a bit worrying. You child is playing in an online world with many other players. Each player starts with a default rank which comes with many features, however, it does not come with all of them. Purchasing a higher rank gives your child more features, the higher the rank the more features they get. This allows them to get extra things within the network, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.

The Warpath is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB/Minecraft. Do not contact Mojang regarding purchases on third-party servers such as The Warpath.